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All of the stories and pictures are Heartbeat of Miami babies.
They are beautiful miracles of
God’s Gift of Life!
Heartbeat of Miami provides life-saving help in a life-changing way to women and couples with an unplanned pregnancy through the Gospel of Life Heartbeat of Miami | 3399 NW 72nd Avenue Suite #207, Miami, FL 33122and the Message of Hope!
Meet Baby Landy! Just three months before he was born, his mother Mileydis came to our Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic seeking an abortion. She was very sad because her husband had left her and she was unable to take care of a child by herself. Even though she wanted her baby, she thought abortion was the only way out.
Mileydis poured her heart with desperation. But God offered hope in two beautiful options, parenting or a plan of adoption. When we did the ultrasound, she was surprised at the 23 week image of her precious son as it appeared on the screen. He had his little hand raised like stating “I’m here mommy…we’ve got this”! We cried and prayed together for strength and our Lord, who offers hope to the hopeless, touched her heart. She decided to trust the One that could make things right, our Lord Jesus Christ!
Our counselor invited her to church that next Sunday where she has been attending ever since. When Baby Landy was born, Mileydis had a church family and the Heartbeat of Miami family there to support and love on her. This baby has not lacked anything because God has provided it all.
Would Mileydis have had the proper help if we hadn’t been there for her? Baby Landy would have probably been another statistic…one of the many 3rd trimester abortions taking place every day in Miami-Dade County!
God used you through your prayers and financial support so we could be there for Milaydis and Baby Landy.
Over 42,000 babies are alive today because you made a difference! Thank you!