Dr. David Jeremiah is joining me at the CUFI Washinton Summit, will you too?

As we watch the news, we see storm clouds gathering once again on the horizon. Israel faces challenges to the safety and security of its people from terrorism and political pressure of international leaders who do not have Israel’s best interests at heart.

Last week, a terrorist blew up a bus in Jerusalem and injured over 20 people. Hamas later claimed responsibility for the attack carried out by a Palestinian from Bethlehem, proving that their influence is growing in the West Bank. On the same day, the Israel Defense Forces announced the discovery of a new Hamas tunnel under the border from Gaza that had penetrated Israeli territory. Two years after Operation Protective Edge, we see Hamas growing bolder and more aggressive.

In the last few weeks, Israel has faced a barrage of statements from international leaders demanding that Israel relinquish control of the Golan Heights. Russia, Germany, and the United States all declared that they do not recognize Israel’s right to the Golan and want to force Israel to give that land back to Syria. This would put Hezbollah and ISIS directly above the Galilee and endanger millions of Israelis.

This is why CUFI must do everything possible to show the people of Israel that they do not stand alone against the forces that threaten them.

This is why I am asking you to join Dr. David Jeremiah and I in Washington, DC July 18-19th for the CUFI Washington Summit. Please click here to register.

Israel’s time of need is now.  It is our responsibility to stand up and speak up for Zion’s Sake.


See you in Washington!

Pastor John Hagee